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Tillie Allison

Tillie Allison

Financial Representative

Tillie Allison's passion for financial success began early in life. As a beneficiary of social security survivor benefits from 1977-1993, she grew up with financial security. She lost social security survivor benefits the year she graduated high school, and she was denied social security survivor benefits for college funding. Tillie was financially and emotionally devastated like so many people who are financially obliterated when unexpected life events occur.

To pay for college, she began working as a cashier then a waitress in a waterfront cafe in Seabrook, Texas. Yacht club members and business owners inspired her to pursue her dreams. She soon realized that most dreams have a cost, and that a financial strategy can certainly help make dreams come true. Tillie saved money between college semesters to travel to Paris, France. She discovered the need for English teachers. She taught English to children for two years in Paris, France before returning to Houston, Texas to continue her college education.

While attending college at the University of Houston, Tillie also studied investments and after graduating from college, became a teaching assistant teaching classes about investments. The student became the teacher after two years of mentoring and Tillie travelled the world teaching classes about investments for almost two decades. In addition to teaching, she has experience on business talk radio, public speaking, and a published author.

Her greatest satisfaction was teaching until she began to realize that people need more than education to implement a financial strategy and to avoid financial hardships. Tillie now finds true happiness when helping individuals, families, and business owners develop and implement a financial strategy. While educating clients, she can discover how to provide the best approach to help clients achieve their financial goals, with asset protection, cash flow management, evaluating tax implications and giving clients more control over their financial future.

At Westshore Financial, Tillie enjoys helping people with many aspects of their financial success. At home she is thankful for every day with her family, especially seeing her son with his dad creating memories to last a lifetime. Tillie speaks French & Spanish, loves athletic activities and travelling to experience diverse cultures. She has an associate degree in the applied science of real estate and a bachelor's degree in business management from the University of Houston-Downtown.

Financial Representative of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America® (Guardian), New York, NY. Westshore Financial Group Inc is not an affiliate or subsidiary of Guardian. 2024-172139 Exp 4/26