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Eric & Michelle

  • Mid-30's with two kids, ages 5 & 2
  • Both work with combined income of $150,000/yr
  • Want to provide for kids' college and their retirement

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Their Planning Experience

Our Accumulation Planning Process is geared towards clients in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s looking to build great financial habits they can use to help build significant wealth over time.

The process is highly educational and focuses on protection, cash flow management, savings, debt management and investing.

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Step 1
Your Wishlist

Philosophy Meeting

Money is a means to an end. That “end” is being able to enjoy your life and your family. We want to understand how you want to enjoy life so we can make sure we can design your finances to help you get there.

Step 2
Get Organized

Living Balance Sheet® Website

We give you access to a confidential personal financial website. You can see your entire financial picture in one place and your account values are updated daily. We then show you your strengths and weaknesses, so we can help identify opportunities for improvement.

Step 3
Protect Your Family

Protection Analysis Meeting

We consider 12 areas of risk that could threaten your family’s way of life. We measure your current levels of protection against these risks and provide recommendations on how to help optimize your protection.

Step 4
Automate Your Savings

Cash Flow Analysis Meeting

We evaluate every dollar you earn and where it goes to make sure cash flow is not slipping through the cracks. Then we make sure those dollars are finding their best use within your plan. Finally, we automate your cash flows, so you stay on track.

Step 5
Optimize Your Investments

Investment Management Meeting

Investment advice is everywhere. The question is whether your investments are part of a grander “retirement income maximization” plan. A more efficient retirement income plan means more lifestyle - both now and later.

Step 6
Your Plan Becomes Reality

Ongoing Review Meeting Process

The biggest benefit of a 40 page financial plan is that it looks good on a bookshelf while collecting dust. Our plans update daily, use automated habits, and are reviewed with you several times a year, so they change as quickly as your life does.

All scenarios and names mentioned herein are purely fictional and have been created solely for training purposes. Any resemblance to existing situations, persons or fictional characters is coincidental. The information presented should not be used as the basis for any specific investment advice.