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We are excited you are considering a career with us!

We recognize changing careers, or even companies, is a huge decision.  We have created a recruiting process that provides you the information you need to feel confident in your decision.  Our culture is not to hire every person we can find.  In fact, we are highly selective because we know we can only pour into a small group of new representatives each year to give them the time and the tools they need to be successful.  Our recruiting process gives you a chance to meet our New Advisor Development Team, and to understand how we work with clients and how you get paid.  But most importantly, our personality assessment and business plan review ensure you have the natural tools needed to be successful in our business.  If you are not naturally a good fit for this career, our team can help you understand your personality and what types of careers may be better suited for you. 
We are excited to meet you!

Why a Career as a Financial Representative?

Most jobs provide you with the "unhealthy trifecta":
  1. a manager gives you the work they don’t want to do,
  2. you are not used or paid based on your full potential, and
  3. you work to create value and wealth for someone else's company.
  And the Bonus:  If you want a vacation, or want to attend your child’s school play, you have to ask a manager and hope for a "yes".

A career as a financial representative gives you the power to:
  1. control your schedule,
  2. earn an income based on your full potential, and
  3. build a business value and wealth for you and your own family.
  And the Bonus:  You build a career where you help people other than yourself; where you make the world a better place than you found it. 

This career offers all those possibilities.  You build your own, sellable business that not only pays you income every year, but provides a huge asset you can sell and enjoy during retirement.  You work when you want, with the clients you choose, and you help clients make some of the most important decisions of their lives. 

Your imagination and ambition are the only limitations to the size, the character, and the mission of your business.

If you have the desire to be the best you can be, if you love people and want to care for them, and if you want to control the destiny of your career, there is no better profession than financial services.

Why a Career with Westshore Financial?

There are many firms that provide investment and insurance products and financial advice.  What sets Westshore apart?  An easy way to figure it out would be to ask a firm how many meetings does it take to go through their client financial advice process.  Most firms will tell you their process consists of 2-3 meetings.  That should be a red flag because it would be extremely difficult to provide thorough, comprehensive financial education and advice for a client in only 2-3 meetings.  That really only provides enough time to find a need and sell a product.  Our process usually consists of 5-7 client meetings because we spend time with clients providing the advice they need and want.  This distinction translates into two huge benefits for your career.  First, you can be confident that you are providing consultative advice for the benefit of your clients instead of being a salesperson solely for your own benefit.  And second, your clients will recognize the unique value you provide and will become your cheerleaders, your advocates, and will introduce you to family, friends and colleagues.  Your reputation is everything in this business and a consultative, comprehensive client process helps separate you from others in the industry.

The second distinction of Westshore Financial is our mission.  In business school, you learn the highest purpose of a company is to create profit for ownership.  We disagree.  Our highest purpose is to provide an environment where we can help you begin and flourish in a career as a financial professional.  You don’t work for us.  We work for you.  Everything we do, from training to technology to our one-on-one mentorship, is done based on our mission to support our professionals and help them succeed.  We know that our company’s financial success and more importantly, our personal fulfillment comes from seeing you succeed.  If you are in a career or considering a company that doesn’t feel that way, you should consider meeting with us.  We’d love to learn more about you and if you would be a good fit at Westshore Financial.

Why Begin Your Career Now?

Anyone will tell you, the older you get, the tougher it is to start a new career.  When you are young, you have less financial obligations, more flexibility and freedom with your time, and more energy to climb new mountains.  In any entrepreneurial endeavor, the reason most people fail is they run out of time and money.  The younger you are when you start this career, the better chance you have of being successful.  

Maybe more importantly, the sooner you get started, the sooner you get to enjoy the benefits of this career.  You will immediately have more flexibility with your time.  You will immediately begin utilizing your unique abilities to create success for yourself.  And you will immediately begin building value and wealth in your own business.  We are so excited you are interested in this career.  Please reach out to us so we can help you determine if it is a good fit for you!