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Meet a Westshore Financial Advisor that started right out of college

Sean Stuyverson

Sean Stuyverson

Sean began his career in the financial services industry in 2010. He takes clients through a simple four step process to help them achieve an improved level of financial balance. Sean was the recipient of the Solomon S. Huebner Award in 2017 and 2018 for Westshore Financial Group. He has qualified for Guardian's Leader Club seven times and he is a member of the Million Dollar Round Table. He has also qualified for Guardian Presidential Citation Award for Leadership in 2013 and the Guardian Annuity Inner Circle Award in 2015. He was recognized by NAIFA as a Top Advisor under 40 in 2015. Sean and his wife Leah have four children: Colton, Caden, Lucy Kate and Anna Grace. They currently reside in Lakewood Ranch, Florida.

  • What is the best part of a career as financial advisor?

    There are many great things about being a financial advisor, but I would say the best part is being able to be there for my clients. We offer protection for people and their livelihood. We are the people clients count on in a time of need. Being able to offer my help and support with people that I have built a relationship with is one of the greatest feelings.

  • What is the most important quality or skill that has made you successful? 

    I learned early on that it was going to be important for me to lean from seasoned financial advisors. Coming right out of college, I didn’t necessarily have the client base that was going to allow my business to prosper. I spent a great deal of time working with experienced financial advisors and picked up on the work ethic that it takes to become successful. Your freedom and independence will come with time, but early on its important to pick up the right habits. For me that was having a solid leader and making daily and weekly goals to focus on. 

  • What is the most surprising part of being a financial advisor?

    I was surprised how quickly I was able to make a good income. It was a result of the volume of clients that I was seeing early on. My schedule was consistent which allowed me to continuously build relationships resulting in good business.

  • If you could go back 10 years, what advice would you give yourself as a new FR?

    I would just be starting my career as Financial Advisor right out of college. I would tell myself to slow down when working with clients. I wish I would have taken extra time to focus on what is going on right in front of me instead of always looking ahead to the next client. Building strong relationships in the beginning sets you up to long term success in this industry.

  • What advice would you give to a college student looking to become a financial advisor? 

    I would recommend an internship at a firm while you are still in school. College students try to rush into job independence. Early on my advice would be to work alongside an experienced mentor advisor as long as you can. This way you can learn their tips and tricks while also being able to utilize their resources. Building good habits in your first 60-90 days will create a solid foundation for the duration of your career as financial advisor.

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