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Your First 4 Steps to Financial Success

Get Organized Using The Living Balance Sheet

The Living Balance Sheet organizes all your financial information into one place.  It is the diagnostic tool we use to understand your overall financial health and develop a treatment plan.  All financial decisions are interconnected and have multiple effects on your financial ecosystem.  For example, the choice between a 15 year and 30 year mortgage doesn’t only affect how much interest you pay or what rate you get on your loan.  It also substantially affects your cash flow.  Additional monies paid every month to support a 15 year mortgage are monies that can’t be used for savings, for insurance coverages or for payment of other debts.  And if you became unable to work, that 15 year mortgage payment represents a much larger burden to your monthly spending than a 30 year mortgage payment would.  It is important to consider the big-picture effects of all your financial decisions – a job that only the Living Balance Sheet can handle.

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