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Meet a Westshore Financial Advisor that came from another career

<b>David Duquette</b>

David Duquette

Originally from the Boston area, Dave moved to Tampa in 2006. He grew up working in the mortgage industry, but in 2007 he started working as a teacher in Tampa.  He was also a client with Westshore for 7 years before becoming an advisor.  Dave has been with Westshore for 8 years and now lives in Odessa with his wife (Lindsay) and kids (Elle & Mason).  In 2019, Dave founded Impact Medical Advisors to focus his practice and cater to those in the medical profession.

  • What is the best part of a career as financial advisor?

    The best part of this career is having a true impact on our clients. We reduce stress in their lives, help them develop better financial habits and give them a peace of mind. As Financial Advisors we simplify life for people who are always busy. The fact that I still get to educate people is incredible. Selfishly, this career is much more rewarding than being a teacher- financially I make a very good income and I control the ability to increase it. There’s nothing keeping me from earning as much as I want. I have ultimate flexibility with my time-when and how much I work, and who I work with. There’s a huge value in having that much flexibility, especially now as my kids are getting older and participating in a lot of sports.

  • What is the most important quality/skill that has made you successful?

    For me, it’s my motivation and drive that allows me to be able to provide a great life for my family. I’m also a competitive person. I enjoy seeing how other advisors are doing and pushing myself to be one of the best. However, you also must be able to manage yourself. We have so much flexibility, it can be a detriment if you’ve always been told what to do. You don’t have to be at the office at a set time, or even be in the office at all. No one is standing over you micro-managing your day. You must be able to create structure and then be disciplined enough to follow it.

  • What is the most surprising part of being a financial advisor?

    I didn’t realize how big an impact I could have on people. Just because people make a good living doesn't mean they don't need help. Professionals spend their time perfecting their craft and spending time with their family, that doesn't leave much time to make sure they are making the right decisions with every aspect of their business or personal finances. However, it takes time to become successful. You must have a long-term outlook, especially in the beginning. You must be willing to be patient, to persevere. Some people give up after the first 6 months to a year, but in this business, you can’t have a short-term mindset. If you stay with it, you will have success- and a lot of it! You are building a professional reputation and that doesn't happen overnight.

  • Where do you see your career in 5 years? In 10 years?

    Unlimited opportunity. There is nothing keeping me and my business from continuing to expand and grow. I want to expand and build a team of several people where I can expand my reach throughout my community. I want even more people to hear what true financial advice looks like instead of being underserved by simplistic investment advice.

  • Compare the career path you would have had in another career vs. the opportunity you have as an FR

    This career versus teaching? Night and day. I had no ability to control my income as a teacher. No hope or opportunity for the future. This career is the opposite. I can sit and dream of all the things I want to achieve, but the best part is I have the power to make them happen!