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Dave Ball

Dave Ball

Financial Representative

I am a happily married father of three, who spends most of my time working or with my family.  I am always engaged with clients from sun up to sundown.  If I am not playing games after dinner with my kids, I am spending time learning something new.  

If asked what my professional goals are, I would say to be the best I can be!  The best spend four to six hours a day, reading, learning and growing.  This industry has too much knowledge to master in one lifetime and it's constantly changing.  You have to be on the tip of knowledge, or be crushed by a lack of it. 

As a business owner, I understand the tricky balance of work-life, personal time and the pursuit of happiness.  My passions are talking business and finance over a game of golf or boating, and I love to cook a big meal for family and friends.  I understand the most important thing to a prospective client is trust.  "Can I trust this person with my future, my money and my family?" 

The vision I have for my business is to provide the best client experience possible.  I want people to walk in and feel blown away, not just because I made the experience personal, but because of the knowledge my team and I passed along to them.

Registered Representative of Park Avenue Securities, Financial Representative of Guardian