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Cynthia O'Brien

Confidence, Clarity and Financial Balance
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For Your Amazing Journey

I’m deeply committed to helping clients examine their relationship with money and provide the education and organization needed to maximize financial security and growth potential. I see too many financial lives upended by the misinformation, myth and misdirection so prevalent in today’s environment.  I connect to what they care deeply about and help them make intelligent financial decisions, decisions based on math and in alignment with their emotional blueprint. 

It's a privilege to work with individuals and businesses, along with their advisors, who come to us after they have thought of everything. They come to us because we think of everything else. I follow a specific process of discovery, assessment, evaluation, implementation, and monitoring and adjusting which has a powerful impact on their present and future. Where there once was a one-off approach to finance, now there is a plan and a path. I replace disorganization and siloed approaches with a comprehensive, wide-angle view of all financial relationships. Previously the future looked uncertain - that is replaced with confidence. Ignoring taxes transforms into an intentional tax strategy. Excessive and unacknowledged risk, the kind that can shred a lifetime of work, is neutralized or managed. This is the essence of my work and experience, the evolution of money maturity, for my Clients and myself.

When I’m not working, you’ll find me spending time with my other great passions – family, dogs, cooking, running, music and piano.  I’m admittedly dog obsessed, having owned over 20 from cradle to grave.  I am intrigued by a wide range of different ethnic cuisines and have attended cooking classes in multiple countries.  A year ago I wanted to do something way outside my wheelhouse and decided to take up running.  Before, I wouldn’t run out of a burning building.  Now, I’m up to 5 miles a day.  My goal of running a marathon is a long way off, but I’m not stopping until I do.  It’s been amazing!

Life should be an amazing journey. Nobody plans to fail financially, yet so many struggle and often surrender.  Don’t capitulate!  The question is, are you that confident in your plan and how it’s working that you wouldn’t want a second opinion?  Call me.  Let’s get together and the coffee is on me.  Just give me a call at 407-628-8222, ext. 25 or email me at [email protected].  Let’s talk about your amazing journey.


Registered Representative of Park Avenue Securities, Financial Representative of Guardian